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Each Instructor is of the highest quality. We honestly care for all our Members & their journey within!


We are in constant contact with our Guides in China so that you get the real Art as it was always meant to be!


Our art is simple, direct practical & fast to learn. You can apply our art from the very first lesson!

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International White Crane Gongfu Association (IWCA):

The IWCA is an International organisation formed to unite practitioners from around the world!

We think Differently!

Offering unprecedented member support backed by some of the highest ranking Chinese Masters in the world!

A School of Excellence the IWCA ensures all clubs fits a strict criteria offering the best in martial art training!


This is where you can find out information about the International White Crane Gongfu Association (IWCA).

This site offers you extensive information about the several ways you can come to experience the wonderful art of the Zhenlan & Jinfeng Traditions of White Crane Boxing and related disciplines.

Enjoy your stay and maybe we will meet someday!

Our aim within the IWCA is to bring to gether ALL White Crane orientated stylists to further explore the endless Journeys this wonderful art offers! We want to provide a home and a platform for which weall cn build upon ourknowledge, understnding nd promotion of White Crane!

The IWCA also aims to spread the authentic Zhenlan & Jinfeng White Crane Boxing systems throughout the world, as handed down in the direct lineage from its founders until the present day.

At the IWCA we value high teaching standards. We have no “secrets” and our curriculum offers a very structured way to learn Zhenlan & Jinfeng White Crane Boxing. As per Traditional Chinese Martial Tradition there are no gradings. Each person progresses based upon their own learning, understanding, ability at their own pace.

Our White Crane Gongfu is significantly different from most other schools and lineages. Keeping true to the historically proven original concept of White Crane as written in the ancient “White Crane Spiritual Ancestor True Transmission Method” our White Crane Gongfu is a Sanshi
 散式 or Fighting Technique. This Original White Crane Boxing is recorded as having only Fifteen Fighting techniques: Falling, Chopping Fist, Returning Dragon Ingests the Treasure, Golden Rooster Plays with its Claws, Black Dragon Sweeps the Earth, Striking the Maple, Green Dragon Crosses the Road,  North Star Kicks the Big Dipper, Single Headed Tiger, Two Dragons Playing with a Pearl, Grasping Hand, Ghost Pulls an Inch, White Horse Rears its Hooves, Child Tumbling on the Ground and Heart Piercing Palm … these fifteen postures were the earliest seen recorded in any boxing manual to arise out of China's Martial history. Zhenlan Crane Boxing contains very few techniques and only two forms: SanZhan Ba Xian Zhang ("Three Battles Eight Immortals Palms") and Fang Qiniang Shou ("Fang Qiniang's Hands/Founder's Hands").

We utilise the “soft” or "internal" approach to White Crane Gongfu keeping true to the original intent of the Founders, Fang Zhong (Father), Master Fang Qiniang (Main Founder) and Zheng Si Chu (Tiger Boxer) due to the limitless possible real world applications.

In doing so, by remaining true to the Original White Crane as recorded in history, we don’t rely on external muscular strength. Sensitivity, footwork, fluid structure, concepts and principles are hallmarks of the internal way. One should remember two things:

1/. White Crane Gongfu by and large was created by a Woman (Fang Qiniang) and therefore was not an external expression.

2/. White Crane in nature are highly graceful, fluid and natural in their movements. As White Crane is based on a White Crane in nature so too should it's techniques, concepts and principles reflect this oneness with natural movement.

Force against force can only go so far and is doomed to failure when facing an opponent who is stronger than you. The soft approach can be improved upon, developed and utilised for a whole lifetime by anyone ....... Regardless of size, strength, gender or age.

Due largely to this soft and natural approach, Zhenlan & Jinfeng Crane Boxing is very direct, ‘aggressive’ and devastating in its real-life application. We firmly believe “Less is More”.

With a totally a unique and systemized structure to help you learn, understand and grow on all levels,  our Original White Crane Boxing also provides you with the means to live a longer and healthier life, and to defend yourself on a practical level second to none!

The IWCA founder; Shifu Ron Goninan, acknowledges the guidance of Master Lin Yuan Duan, Master YiJun Zheng, Lee Kong and Su YingHan. Without them it would have been impossible to pass on these rare and unique arts.
                                                               Emily Jacobson!