THE INTERNATIONAL WHITE CRANE GONGFU ASSOCIATION                                                                                                                  

Internal Way Concepts Association

The IWCA is a collective of martial artists from around the world who wish to promote the Chinese Martial Arts to the highest level. The IWCA has the backing, support and guidance of some of the most knowledgeable Masters and Guides within the Martial Arts world 

We are an International Organization formed to unite White Crane stylists and practitioners from all over the world!

The IWCA offers support, research, certification and very real learning resources for all our Members. The IWCA provides you with a home for your White Crane Gongfu  ... The IWCA is here for you and your students!



All of our Member Instructors are of the highest standards, accredited & insured ...

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Our research involves direct contact with Masters of White Crane from China & Taiwan ...

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We offer a home for all styles of White Crane. We also offer Training & Certification in Calling Crane Gongfu ...

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IWCA White Crane Gathering, 7th & 8th March 2015. more...


IWCA White Crane Syllabus Overview DVD now available!  more...

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If your looking for a "Home" for you or your martial arts school then you have visited the right place:

1/. WE ARE DIFFERENT! We care!. We don't give a damn about the usual things that most of the others do. You know things like, commercialism, marketing, selling! We care about all of our members and that is why it won't cost you Dollars everytime you contact us for advice or research!

2/. STUDY AUTHENTIC WHITE CRANE GONGFU! Learn from Student to Instructor and Master Level! We offer you the Person, not the "Martial Artist", the opportunity to immerse yourself in learning White Crane from Fuzhou China & Taiwan! 

3/. DIAN XUE & DIM-MAK CERTIFICATION! Learn this Traditional Chinese Martial Science and Traditional Chinese Martial Culture! Learn about the art and the science of pressure point fighting that does not make stupid claims such as being "the only true way" or even things like "It is also the ONLY DIM MAK PROGRAM that does not perpetrate fraudulent teachings" as one such so-called Master egotistically proclaimed in public! Making wild, out there statements such as this damages the person, style and association making same! The IWCA will always be up-front and honest with you about Dim Mak and related disciplines and yes you can obtain certification as a Dim-Mak Instructor!

Feel free to contact us, to ask the real questions. We would love to hear from you. Find out what the IWCA offers you without all the gross and crass Commercialization and Marketing Bull! Find out what we can do for you today! 

Courses • Online Training • Seminars • Personal Training.

Our aim is to provide you with advanced training methods and techniques to produce the best results in Internal White Crane Gongfu training possible. Providing Quality  Instruction is the primary concern, not ego, marketing and commercialism.

We aim to cut through the 
mysticism and misinterpretation and cut straight to the heart of Internal Energy training White Crane Personal Life-Protection combatives.  We run regular Courses, a number of seminars and also provide an online training program for practitioners who are interested in the methods but may not be able to reach our courses. Anyone can walk into a shop and buy a Black Belt. But its the skills that really count. This is why we have full disclosure of our Instructors Qualifications should this information be required.


What we do ...

Have a "Hands-on" Individual approach so that each student recieves tailored tuition

Offer quality tuition in Martial / Energy / Health arts and practices in small training groups, seminars and online.

What we don't do ... 

We don't have grades & hierarchy ~           As per Traditional Chinese Martial Arts, each student progresses based on their own ability & understanding

We don't perpetuate Martial Arts Myths & Bullshit.

Why you should be with us ...

We care & not in some "slick, Marketing" way but in a very real, down to earth way and we are Non-Profit so we don't try to take your money! We give you our all, no secrets, no bull, just honest training & Martial Arts!